The Essential Key to Having What You Really Want


Welcome to the Inner Game of Creating a Life of Your Dreams. As creative people we are all on a journey. You know that journey. You probably know it well. The crazy and exciting journey of what it means to follow your dreams and passions. It is the journey of getting ourselves out there and having some kind of success with our creativity, or even having a full-out career as an artist. How your journey unfolds is uniquely personal. It’s personal because it’s about your dreams.



What I know is that anything is possible.


I’ve been on the journey of the creative artist as a professional singer, writer and actor all of my life. And I know - thinking you can have what you really want can feel overwhelming, scary or it can even feel unobtainable. From personal experience I’ve found that this journey can take us down a lot of roads. And frankly some of the roads I went down took me away from my dreams. Sometimes it was a detour and sometimes it was just the wrong road.
I have discovered the essential key to getting what we want and being happy on our creative journey.  You need to get really, really clear about what you truly want. In this first video in a three-part series, I share some ideas on this. In next week's Inner Game video we will talk about how you achieve this clarity. In the third part of the series, we will talk about obstacles which prevent us from achieving this clarity.






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